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Hello all,
We have made it to Panamá.
We arrived yesterday at around 3:30 pm and have spent time talking with family and getting acquainted with new members we are just now meeting.
During the previous part of the trip posting to this forum was not very convenient since the cafés are usually crowded and we often had someone waiting for us.
Here, my nieces have a computer so I decided to post a little update.
The Guatemala highlands portion of the trip was a wonderful start.
We spent time in the home of an amazing Maya family. Our missionary friend has established a school in a large upstairs room where we held English class on a Saturday afternoon in spite of very heavy rains that fell just prior to the start of the class. I was certain that no students would come but we had seven, including a woman who walked a very long and treacherous way to attend class and stayed the night. The other students were five boys and a girl ranging in age between 8 and 15.
The following day we had Sunday school and about 30 little kids came. Their lesson was about rebirth and we had a butterfly craft activity. They worked so hard and were so eager for approval and reassurance that was heartwarming.
I still don’t know how to get my pictures uploaded to this site but if all else fails; I will share them once we get home.
You will love to see those faces!
After our highlands visit, we spent a couple of days with family on the Pacific coast before heading south to San Salvador where we spent two nights and a day.
From San Salvador we headed to San José, Costa Rica where we spent two nights and a rather restful day being Sunday. The artisan’s market there was very small and we didn’t see many crafts representative or particular to the region. Most of what we saw in El Salvador and Costa Rica, we had seen in Guatemala.
From San José we headed to an area named Monte Verde. We stayed in a tiny village called Santa Elena and took a canopy tour through the Rain forest. This was a Zip lining tour at Tay´s request.
This was the only thing she’s asked for, so in spite of my fear and huge reservations, I agreed to go. Am I glad to have done it!
Sliding through trees suspended by a harness and a pulley were certainly not something I would normally look forward to but turned out to be a wonderful experience.
The tour started with two rather benign cable runs to get people acclimated to the idea of gliding through the air suspended from a cable. After those two shorter glides, we started going through others which were longer, higher, faster, etc. 11 cables in total and each provided a different experience.
Some cables took us above the treetops, others through tree tunnels and the most spectacular ones suspended us through the area where the Pacific and Atlantic air currents meet and provide amazing wind gusts and resistance to your glide.
The day after zip lining we left Monteverde. We bought a jeep-boat-jeep transportation package to get to La Fortuna where one of the big attractions is the viewing of lava flow down Volcán Arenal. We weren’t able to see the lava because it was a cloudy day but we did enjoy dipping in some hot springs and pools supplied with volcanic water at varying temperatures in a beautiful resort setting.
From La Fortuna we took a 4 hour bus ride to San José and later embarked in yet another bus ride leaving San José at 10:00 pm arriving in Pamamá the following day at 3:30 pm. So here we are, rather tired but very enriched by what we have been able to see and experience thus far.
Describing the scenery is not even possible. We’ll have to share the pictures in order to get a mild idea of the amazing natural beauty we have seen.
Hopefully I'll get some more information to you in the next day or two.
Take care,

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Trip prep

Still at home

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I am testing this tool in preparation for the trip.
Tay and I have been working on a preliminary itinerary and now with four weeks to go, I thought I should give the travel blog a try to make sure friends and family are actually going to be able to keep track of us as we make our way through the land of the Maya.

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